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More recently he has been writing about the relation between our social behavior and our spiritual understanding. 

In 1981, before global warming became a topic of discussion, Roz gravitated towards schools of thoughts which would question the way we use our natural resources and the way we design our homes and infrastructure. For years he was baffled by what the majority of people didn't see in how we needed to change our designs so we rely less on fossil fuel. Then he studied the psychology of addiction and other life long emotional setbacks to soul's growth.

He has come to understand that there's a mystery which is beyond human intellectual capacity to understand. As much as we think that life can be understood through physics, biology, sociology, psychology, etc, even philosophy, there is an innate mystery that can only be seen through the soul. We can use hard science and try to figure out how a flower blooms to how black hole is created and Roz is aware of the proper place for physics and chemistry but understanding the Mystery is beyond mind's rationality and especially the rationality that excludes understanding the soul. As he has learned from Masters such as Molana and Kabir, it is through the development of the soul that we can begin to understand this Mystery.