Social Ecology with a sparkle of Spiritual Sensibility

Facilitating Discourse on Climate Change

Whether we believe that climate change is man-made or God-made it’s happening at an alarming rate. How much say or power do we have or don't we have on changing this course?

We have the ability to increase our awareness by listening to each other in a cooperative manner and agree on the course of actions which are socially, ecologically and spiritually sound.

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Roz has a masters degree in Social Ecology from Goddard College in Vermont, USA. Along with studying the subject he worked in Community Supported Agriculture. 

From early on he questioned the wisdom of the social behaviors which contributed to the man made problems such as war and famine. He believes that the predicament Generation Z find themselves in, he has felt since childhood

For years he has been writing on the effects of our social behavior on the environment.


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