Whether we believe that climate change is man-made and use pure scientific facts to prove it

or we believe it's natural and God-made with spiritual dimensions,

climate change is real. 

As humans and the "crown of creation'" what's our responsibility in regards to the increase in global temperature? 

Spending an hour sessions with our community members and even coworkers in facilitated discourses may not be where we find a quick fix solution but it is what we need to do to face this world wide issue.

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From early on Roz questioned the wisdom of the social behaviors which contributed to the man made problems such as war and famine. He feels that the predicament that the climate activist kids and teenagers of the new generation find themselves in, he has felt in one way or another since childhood.

Roz has a masters degree in Social Ecology from Goddard College in Vermont, USA. Along with studying the subject he worked in Community Supported Agriculture/Farms. For years he has been writing on the effects of our social behavior on the ecological state. More recently he has been writing about the relation between our social behavior and our spiritual understanding or as he calls it Social Ecology with a Sparkle of Spiritual Sensibility. Read more. 

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