A Music Video called Earth or “We love the earth” is an animation with many singer/songwriters joining in. Enjoyed watch it, very cute. There was a link to their website, explaining how they’re going about solving the climate change problem. First item on their agenda was Energy, Fossil Fuel vs Renewable. They side with renewable energy which is good.

Second, Nature. I don’t mean the Second Nature of the first and second nature theory in the philosophy of social ecology. I mean the next item or the second item on their agenda was “Nature.” You can watch the way he puts it but at the moment what comes to my mind is a verse in a famous book which says that “Man” was created to “rule over fish of the sea…” or in short rule over “Nature.” Maybe it’s controversial to quote that famous book because so many have interpreted verses from it in different ways. However since it’s been a popular book and so many people who ruled over not only the First Nature but also ruled over people as slaves in recent centuries have used verses from it a lot.

So you see, to “rule over” nature as in wanting animals and all other living things and nonliving things to obey whatever “Man” wants them to do or to look like has been problematic. We could live in ‘balance’ with other living beings and creation or at least ‘balance enough’ so we don’t destroy were we live. Looks like most people can’t figure out what ‘balanced’ or ‘balanced enough’ way of life means and choose domination and obedience model. In some places around the world such as right here in the United States people chose one of the toughest persons out there to rule over the nation which was formed for us by people before. And we wonder why life for most people, even some in the 1% super rich category, and life for most of “Nature” is in this mess.

The third item on “We love the earth’s” agenda is what and how we eat and stopping the rise of global temperature, by that one more degree of celsius that can drastically change the living conditions on earth. Their solution is to produce food for the masses in a less energy consuming and destructive ways to or ecology and not eating so much beef and dairy. The way we produce most food now is basically due to that same reason and that same mindset mentioned below, domination and wanting obedience.

Dear “We love the earth” spokesperson, Glad you’ve woken up to the ecological crises. While you’re at it would you acknowledge folks awakened to the coming of this ecological crises long ago? I don’t meant just the indigenous cultures alone but also individuals in the western society. Some of these westerners were intellectual pioneers who got old and left this world, i.e, Murray Bookchin. He developed the Philosophy of Social Ecology with an interesting thesis; Our ecological and/or environmental crises stem from our social crises and he further professed that our social crises stem from the emergence of the concept of domination and obedience model or hierarchy. So the solution to him was to replace not only the governing system based on hierarchy but also the very mindset of it. At the same time he believed the solution is developmental and evolutionary.

As far as the extent of Bookchin’s spiritual beliefs there isn’t much. He did recognize that we not only have a body and a mind but also a spirit. It’s simple to recognize that a person who acknowledges to have a spirit has a stronger spiritual believe than a person who doesn’t believe she or he has a spirit. Are there non-spiritual people? Perhaps people who say that we’re made up of only body and mind and won’t even acknowledge or deny having a soul. So back to Social Ecology, which Dan Chodorkoff once explained to me that it has “an emphasis on rationality rather than spirituality” and he further said, “He (Bookchin) also saw a contradiction between a call to an end to hierarchy and a belief in a hierarchical god.”

Using an analogy that I learned in studying the Philosophy of Social Ecology; Is lion, king of the jungle? Some people, okay most, have been using that kind of language to paint that picture of lion? Or is the lion simply being what it is and doesn’t think of itself as the king of the jungle but a being who needs to hunt other animals to survive? By staying on similar analogical track; That which has created the soul can be called god, God or many other names and not worshiped or worshipped, not appreciated or appreciated on range or spectrum of appreciation. uOu, that which has created the souls, doesn’t seem to care, at least from this perspective.

From the perspective of people who believe that they created their own soul… Wait! Are there such people? If they are I’ve never met them. So why even bring it up? Because?!? It’s important not to delete this perspective, or possible perspective, because we do need to think about who or what created our soul if we believe we have a soul – and most people believe that we couldn’t have created our own soul.

But back to our ecological and social cries such as homelessness and mental illness in America. It seems to be that not only the ecological crises stem from the social crises but also, or further, they are the result of our spiritual crises. A couple of years ago I devoted some time in writing about it and a two or three chapters of a potential book was formed. The working title was Ecology of Sanity when I left my daily focus on writing it. You can take a look at what I wrote on this website. If there’s an interest I’ll go back and look into how it can be further developed and some form of a book format manuscript can come out of it.