Here’s something for folks who want less government influence in their lives and for the rich who don’t want their taxes to go to the poor; Let’s Get rid of rid of K-8 public education. Now my dear middle class folks, before you stop reading further because you’d think, “Where would we drop our kinds when both parents have to go to work to make ends meets?” let’s think about the tax incentives but most importantly let’s think about some ideas to redesign the social fabric of our society along with redesigning the physical infrastructures. Let’s reevaluate some of the social contracts that we have come to accept and feel stuck in them.

Do cars really make us free? Is it possible to live and enjoy life better without the need to commute in two cars to two jobs? Does teaching has to be done in schools with paid teachers and staff as it was over a century ago when some parents didn’t have an education? I don’t think so. However I do thing that we need to Redesign our social structure and infrastructure in a more conscious and organized way. We’re way past the era when child labor was a problem and some kids weren’t getting any education. Back then laws passed that every child had to be in school and rightfully so. But kids can now learn through a computer or a tablet connected to internet which can take them to educational sites. Of course they can also learn from their neighbors, sibling, parents, and friend’s parents.

From the 9th and/or 10th grade on through college education for all will be provided by the government and companies that want to hire a skilled workforce. (I have an idea for an 8 or 9th grade “What did I miss” course for a semester or a year for those kids who wanted to play first then think about their education. Also Why should the middle class taxpayers pay for the training of athletes as in the High school football fields and all the expenses that create those games? The wealthy NFL or N whatever teams should pay for it? If billion dollar sport industry needs good athletes they should pay for their early training, not the middle class taxpayers.

No I don’t think we’ll be able to eliminate the class system. The rich kids will end up going to private schools then on to Ivy League colleges and top universities and yes some of the poor kids who make exceptional advances in their studies will get scholarships to go to these private higher education institutions. Most poor kids will go to trade schools and some will go to State Colleges along with most middle class kids and some of the middle class kids will go to trade school or somehow manage to go to Ivy League schools.

To the poor who don’t see the benefit of eliminating k-8 public school I say this: It’s you who can educate your child well or not well. You can send them to public school but if you don’t spend time on their education, one-on-one, they will easily fall through the cracks of the public school system and after 12 years of certain teachers saying yes Mam and yes Sir, your child could come out very poorly educated. I believe that kids from low income families will benefit more with this education system because once the public schools are gone it’s highly likely that the communities will come together to fill the gap and help educate and care for all kids in their neighborhood and their city. The poor kids will be better educated and cared for than through the current public school system we have in place now. No it won’t be perfect and some kids might be left behind but there will be lot less left behind than now.

What about the middle class? They’ll have no choice other than changing this mad system that is set up to demand them to work 40 to 60 or more hours a week and still feel inadequate. Nothing less than a radical shift in society toward good and redesigning our social structure and infrastructure will save us from the mess we’re in. I don’t advocate supporting the automobile industry at all cost. More appropriate modes of transportation and again more appropriate lifestyle that reduces the stress on the population and reduces the cost of health care is needed.

We have had enough of looking at the glass as half full for the past few decades. Let’s be real, the glass is also half empty. In fact there is no reason the glass should remain half full if the glass is a metaphor for a society that can house, feed and educated their citizens. That glass ought to be full.
In a new education system a student signs up for school after turning 14 or 15 and he or she will be tested in reading, writing, math, science, etc. and will be thought according to what uou know. No judgment, or at least as little judgment as possible. Let the kid do what uou enjoys doing. Study electrical engineering or creative writing, fine either way. Social anthropology or clinical psychology, good. Plumbing or welding, go for it. Some kids want to do things with their hands and build things and some kids want to live on a different imaginary planet and write books about it. It is unAmerican not to allow the potentials in all to develop. It is unAmerican to have a 1% class of super rich.