uOu = She/He and/or Beloved

Looking for one word to replace He/she  – he or she? Are you still waiting for the hierarchy in Oxford or Cambridge to come up with it? Well they’re too busy questioning to Brexit or not to Brexit and who knows what else some of them are still questioning. I’ve been forced to use this language from early childhood and since the British decided a few decades ago not to, let’s just say, harm anyone who spoke Persian in India then here it is and I’ll say it: uou. Yes it’s a Persian word او and it can mean he or she, God or Beloved or simply the beloved.

One other suggestion: Capitalized the second letter not the first as in uOu and not Uou. Why? Some of us can deal with images and shapes much better than rules. Also since English has exceptions to the rules I don’t see why I can’t make that suggestion or the ones below.

His or Hers = uOs

She/He = uOu — she/he = uou

it = uou — It = uOu

Herself or Himself = uOself – – – To figure out uoself there could be a panel of who would come to consensus on it.

You welcome.