Everyone knows which State they were born at and which State they live in but ask people which community they belong to and most people will have a hard time coming up with an answer. They might say that a school or a job they go to is a community. But that’s not the kind of community I’m talking about. I’m talking about a physical community of let’s say one square block in a mid-size town, or two or three apartment buildings/work space in a larger town. Small communities where its members educate their young as well as take care of the elder and the disabled within that physical space.

But even if you don’t like my interpretation of community and have your own definition, consider for a moment a new name for the United States of America. If we change the name of the country to United Communities of America people will keep hearing the word community over and over and they’ll start thinking about which community they belong to. If they don’t belong to a community then they might start looking to find or form a community that feels right for them.

Not only in America but in most places around the world the sense of belonging to a well knit community has been lost. In order to solve our social, economic, and environmental problems we need to do what we can to bring a 21st century community building spirit into our lives. This name change may not completely solve our social problems but it’s a step in the right direction.

Leave all the state names as they are. Keep all the laws as they are. Keep the three branches of government, all the Senators, Governors, etc. Only change one name, one word. This new name for the country will have a very positive effect for the world as well. It’ll cost a few million dollars to change the name in all the government buildings, documents, and a whole lot of other places but at the end it’ll be well worth the effort.

This name change will begin the process of taking our power back from the few powerful in Washington D.C., Wall Street, State Capitals, and powerful CEOs. People want to take that power back but if we don’t have a well structured and organized community then where would we plug in that power?