In a speech given at European Parliament the speaker, a sixteen year activist from Sweden while saying, “up to 200 species becoming extinct every single day, erosion of fertile topsoil…” her voice cracked showing how much she was in pain just to mention these facts? In that moment, among other images, I saw the image of landslide in Bhutan, a country with negative carbon footprint. Due to the rapid melting of the glacier on top of the mountains and the sudden rush of water down the mountains not only erosion of fertile topsoil but also the suffering to the living beings on it’s path.

She asked adults to panic and do something about Climate Change because it’s that urgent and she wants us to act as if our homes are on fire. Notre Dame Cathedral in  Paris was on fire that day and yes people risked their lives not only to put out the fire but also rushed in to save some objects with religious significance and prayed hard asking Lord to save the Cathedral. Not only that they act so fast, as if in a panic, in planning to fix the Cathedral. Can you guess why they raised one billion dollar for it’s renovation within two days? Why they’re simply allowing their planet get destroyed while they’re rushing to rebuild a house of worship in a state of panic.

Most, not all, of these adults in power and in decision making roles are neurotypical but can they simply be that stupid? They don’t think black and white and there are a lot of gray areas that they live in and make their decision based on them. What if allowing their planet to get destroyed is not all loss to them? What do they sense they’ll gain by rebuilding a house of worship in a state of panic while the condition of life on their planet is crumbling? What if they’ll actually gain something by this and we don’t see it? And how did the idea for building the house of worship began to develop in human consciousness in the first place?