To solve the global social and ecological crises we can not rely only on liberating technologies such as bicycle, solar panels, etc, on social innovations such as micro lending, joy in the workplace, etc, nor on the combination of them. We also need to integrate a soulful understanding of the relation between body-mind and the soul. To put it in the language of  the field of my graduate studies, Social Ecology, and in respect to Social-Ecological Research Institutes around the world; We need to develop Spiritual Sensibility within Social-Ecological research and development.

In the process of developing this sensibility we might find that the lose of our tribal ability to hear someone’s experience with the sacred has been a major influence in the cause of our social and ecological problems. In this process we might realize that individuals who knew how to draw visions from sacred space into the day to day life have been cast aside instead of giving proper reverence. Let’s call these individuals Shamans, no matter what race, culture or what part of the world they come from. The shaman is an individual who is gifted with the ability to hold sacred space.

What if in this process of developing a new spiritual sensibility we realize what helped hierarchy to emerge was our negative traits such as greed and egoism? And what if in 21st century we realize that we are disillusioned by hierarchy but we can’t get rid of hierarchy because we can’t get rid of negative human traits such as greed? What if we realize that the very thought of getting rid of hierarchy has the elements of greed in it?

What if we realize that we can lessen the impact of greed and other negative traits by making a better attempt at studying spirituality and find a more intelligent definition for spirituality and practice this science in its lab which is the human body? What if we realize that the true temple is not made of brick and mortar but the true temple is the human body when we go within and meditate on the true essence of creation? What if we recognize this as a scientific study?

Further, what if we realize that it helps us to go within the true temple if we sit in meditation with others in moderation – once in awhile? In the age of negative views on tribalism, in the age of individualism on one hand and nationalism on the other  we need to find our individual local community. This is not to separate ourselves from others through tribalism. It’s about getting together with people who live near us to eat community prepared meals once in awhile and help each other in day to day services and things we need. What if we need to find the shaman in the tribe and we need to give reverence to true shamans without giving them hierarchical power?

Oh!? But what if someone somewhere through a force in the universe will attach hierarchy to the shaman and will allow pseudo shamans or bully shamans with hardly any shamanistic gifts to take over again? What if some people will simply not believe that society can be governed without hierarchy? How did I suddenly see the latter two questions after years of not seeing them? I have no words for it.

What if Kabir in Ocean of Love, Anurag Sagar, has captured the truth, in words, when He said; The Wordless is everything? What if my experience here with the Wordless was just a minute glimpse in what Wordless is?