The next best move towards a more inclusive Iran and a more powerful Iran is to change the name of the country to Spiritual Republic of Iran.

جمهوری روحانی ایران

In 2003 I wrote an article with the same title (at the time I had not heard of Mr. Hassan Rouhani the current president of Iran). That article was posted on another website not under the category of political, social or even comedy by under the “peculiar” category!  I have no control over taking down that post.  Back then I wrote that it’s my “calling” to talk about this name change. What can I say?! I was younger, had a different mind set and used a different set vocabulary. And now? Now I don’t think it’s all that important if the idea came from the fragments my imagination or directly from God. What’s important is the idea itself and the reason behind the name change.

This name change is a simple and a logical solution to the challenges people face in Iran today. At the same time it honors the religious minority such as myself. Conservative Muslims may point out that 98% of Iranians are Muslim. So what’s the problem? If the name of the country indicates spiritual republic and majority are Muslim then spirituality will move toward Islam and the interpretation that the people have from Koran/Quran. 

At the same time the secular Iranians will not get the change they want but they’ll see that there is some effort by the conservatives to try to be understanding of the secularists.

By the way I don’t think secularism in the United States, where I now live, is helping all that much to solve the social, political and environmental problems we face. We need stronger community and local governments and no I’m not an American Conservative but far from their trickle down economics.

There is no hurry, the name will change organically at the right time. In fact to those Iranians who agree that the name change is a great idea I suggest not rush into it.