Neither gender or age specific

Sitting Being is an interfaith reminder of our ability to contemplate and meditate

Contemplation is the process of entering and dwelling in a space which has the potential to be sacred con-templ-ate

What does temple or a sacred space means to us and what’s the best way to enter sacred space?

Since this figure is neither gender nor age specific it is also called uou او in Persian.

ای آرزوی آرزو، آن پرده را بردار زو           من کس نمی‌دانم جز او، مستان سلامت می

ای ابر خوش باران بیا، وی مستی یاران بیا             وی شاه طراران بیا، مستان سلامت می کنند

 Rumi   مولوی

Orders will be considered and it may take up to a month to make and ship one. The approximate size is 5″ tall by 5.75″ wide – 130 mm tall and 150 mm wide

In May of 2015 while drafting a blog and this question showed up: Would you be willing to contemplate on the role of hierarchy in your day to day life? What the question embodied was the foundation of contemplating Spiritual Sensibility within Social Ecology and Ecology of Sanity. I also drew a logo, a visual connection to put next to the initial blog but the logo began to have a life of it’s own and I made it with wood and called it Sitting Being.

More specifically Sitting Being came from the first part of the question in that blog; Would you be willing to contemplate? Looking up the word contemplate and setting aside the prefix and the suffix we have temple; entering a sacred space.