It’s been about four years since I’ve started to like the sound of Senator Omid but what has interests me the most is to what Senator Omid can say and do as a U.S. Senator. You see before a neighbor died alone in his apartment four years ago I was into the Philosophy of Social Ecology and to “ecologizing the dialectic” the best I could. I had heard of a political party, Left Green Part, that it might have been a good fit but it is, or was, a very small party and I never meet any of them where I lived to see if I want to join. They believed in endorsing candidates for local political seats and never for president and not even for a U.S. Senate race which was right down my alley.

But on that winter, 2015, when my apartment manager noticed the overdue rent (as he explained- not the smell) we found out the neighbor had died a few days before and no one knew. I was shaken to the core in an intense way. The “loneliness epidemic” got me in a big way. Some weeks later I was sitting down to write a blog and a gift, in form of a question, showed up. You can see that question and what it means on this website under Ecology of Sanity and more specifically in Biography of a Synthesis.

Three years ago I recorded a couple of video and outlined where I stood on issues and uploaded it on YouTube click here to watch it. The campaign didn’t take off yet for this coming election I’m still thinking; What if? Yes the list on the ‘con’ side is longer than on the ‘pro’ side by a mile but so what? I can still post my spiel on my website :) and here it is if you like to hear what I’m talking about.

If I decide to run for the U.S. Senate my main objective will be to reduce our insanely high spending to defend the “The American Interest.” First thing I’ll do is to introduce a new project to be covered with the current or reduced military budget. Every America between the age of 16 and 26 ought would be able to travel anywhere in the world for two years fully paid by the government; The Peaceful Warrior Project. Of course there are details to be worked out such as permission of parents for someone under 18 or a court hearing for the kid who has the urge to go out and see the world. Should we pay them to stay only in Paris, London and maybe Copenhagen for two years? I don’t think so. But I think it’ll be great if every American had a chance to bicycle around Copenhagen or Amsterdam for a few days and get familiar with their amazing bicycle culture. If every American also had a chance to go to either Africa, South America, Far East, Middle East without armored gear but a simple backpack, curiosity and a smile, even half a smile, then we will have a better chance of living in a more peaceful world.

Our military can defend our borders with one less nuclear submarine, longer than two football fields with 200 missiles and nuclear bombs. Just the cost to maintain one of them will pay for a lot of young Americans to go on Peaceful Warrior missions. And the cost of another one of those submarines can house a lot of people. It is unAmerican to manage the country’s budget and keep the social fabric of the country in a way that results in homelessness of so many and even hunger for food. Hunger for community must also be seen as not only as an epidemic that needs our immediate attention but also as unAmerican.

Here’s something for the rich who rather their taxes not go to the poor and something for folks who want small government; Getting rid of K-8 public education. Now my dear middle class folks, before you stop reading further because you’d think, “Where would we drop our kinds when both parents or a single parent have to go to work to make ends meets?” let’s think about the tax incentives but most importantly let’s think about some ideas to redesign the social fabric of our society along with the physical infrastructures. Let’s reevaluate some of the social contracts that we have come to accept and feel stuck in them.

Do cars really make us free? Is it possible to live and enjoy life better without the need to commute in two cars to two jobs? Does teaching has to be done in schools with paid teachers and staff as it was over a century ago when some parents didn’t have an education? Redesigning our social structure and infrastructure in a more conscious and organized way is needed. We’re way past the era when child labor was a problem and some kids weren’t getting any education. Back then laws passed that every child had to be in school and rightfully so. But kids can now learn through a computer or a tablet connected to internet which can take them to educational sites. Of course they can also learn from their neighbors, sibling, parents, and friend’s parents.

From the 9th and/or 10th grade on, education for all to be provided by the government and companies that want to hire a skilled workforce. (I have an idea for an 8th grade ‘What did I miss’ crash course for a semester or a year for those kids who wanted to play first then think about their education.) Also Why should the middle class taxpayers pay for the training of athletes and not the wealth teams? If billion dollar sport franchises industry that needs good athletes they should pay for their early training, not the middle class taxpayers.

I’m also a realist and don’t think that we’ll be able to eliminate the class system. The rich kids will end up going to Ivy League colleges and top universities and yes some of the poor kids who make exceptional advances in their studies will get scholarships to go to these private higher education institutions. Most poor kids will go to trade schools and some will go to State Colleges along with most middle class kids and some of the middle class kids will go to trade school or somehow manage to go to Ivy League schools.

To the poor who don’t see the benefit of eliminating k-8 public school I say this: It’s you who can educate your child well or not well. You can send them to public school but if you don’t spend time on their education, one-on-one, they will easily fall through the cracks of the public school system and after 12 years of certain teachers saying yes Mam and yes Sir, your child could come out very poorly educated. I believe that kids from low income families will benefit more with this education system because once the public schools are gone it’s highly likely that the communities will come together to fill the gap and help educate and care for all kids in their neighborhood. The poor kids will be better educated and cared for then than now through the current public school system we have in place. No it won’t be perfect and some kids might be left behind but there will be lot less left behind than now and it’ll be a better education than the public schools today.

What about the middle class? They’ll have no choice other than changing this mad system that is set up to demand them to work 40 to 60 or more hours a week and still feel inadequate. Nothing less than a radical shift in society toward good and redesigning our social structure and infrastructure will save us from the mess we’re in. I don’t advocate supporting the automobile industry at all cost. More appropriate modes of transportation and again more appropriate lifestyle that reduces the stress on the population and reduces the cost of health care is needed.

We have had enough of looking at the glass as half full for the past few decades. Let’s be real, the glass is also half empty. In fact there is no reason the glass should remain half full if the glass is a metaphor for a society that can house, feed and educated their citizens and provide well fit careers. That glass ought to be full.

In a new education system a student signs up for school after turning 14 or 15 and he or she will be tested in reading, writing, math, science, etc. and will be thought according to what they know. No judgment, or at least as little judgment as possible. Let the kid do what he or she enjoys doing. Study electrical engineering or creative writing, fine either way. Social anthropology or clinical psychology, good. Plumbing or welding, go for it. Some kids want to do things with their hands and build things and some kids want to live on a different imaginary planet and write books about it.

Those were couple of ideas that has come to mind and if I end up running a U.S. Senate seat I’m sure other similar ideas will pop in. At the very least these ideas will be brought up again and again on the Senate floor or budget negotiations. Another reason that it’ll be good for Oregonians to elect me is to send a clear message that we want change in how “American Interest” is defined. American interest needs to be the human interest not the interest of the 1% super rich. My idea of American Interest is not job security for all! I don’t want the kind of jobs that helps the economic system designed to create the 1% rich backed up by a huge military budget and military bases around the world to keep their definition of American Interest alive. I want people to be busy with what they enjoy doing and live in a supportive neighborhood/community. To keep accepting that we need to do what we have to do to bringing the paycheck can only go so far and only for so long. Also the economic theories built on the foundation of scarcity principle have demonstrated to be false and brought about economic injustice. There has always been abundance in nature and this abundance will always be there.

Human interest is not just about having a “job” but to have meaningful productive lives in a well knit community. Everyone and I mean everyone wants to do something during the day that is meaningful and hopefully creative. We all have some interest and if we find a situation that we are respected as a human being and encouraged to be who we are, we’d rather create something, help someone learn, help someone live better by growing local food and preparing food, or simply keep the neighborhood and community that nurtures us clean by simply sweeping the sidewalks to more complex work. My favorites, planting and cultivating bamboo to make bamboo bicycle frames and furniture.

We need to protect the living earth better. Oregonians, especially those of us who are faith based, we need to work on greed. The Beloved is all compassionate and will help us get our communities back if we let go of fear of losing our stuff. If you’re an atheist my goal is not to help you see the Beloved as I do but I do want to remind all of us that the land title is yours but “the land does not belong to us. We belong to the land.”

Dear Oregonians from Portland, Eugene and other towns who want to keep your town and perhaps Oregon weird, let’s keep it real by sending an Iranian-American guy to sit in the U.S. Senate chamber and become colleagues with the likes of Senator Lindsey Graham? Graham had made some serious racial comments about people with Iranian heritage until NIAC (National Iranian American Council) went after him. But that’s not the only weird thing about the whole notion of a guy like me getting elected to U.S. Senate. Imagine a guy living in a low income housing with an income below the poverty line getting to Congress.

Rest assure, I’m not poor in spirit. I believe in the soul’s desire and journey towards the light and the Beloved and that’s rich. But the main thing that makes me different are my ideas for changing the way we spend the taxpayers money. You already know it but I’ll say it and I’ll keep saying it; Our current annual military budget is insanely high. It may make sense for the 1% or even the top 10% wealthy citizens but it’s insane to keep our national budget going that way for the rest of us. And just pouring money into the defence doesn’t make or military strong.

Dear Oregonians from rural or conservative areas, you’re welcome to try to keep your freedom with as many guns you can buy and you’re also welcome to join me in praying for the well being of this land, the people and animals living on it. As you know freedom knows no, color, race or gender. Your ancestors migrated to this land and as immigrants some of them killed the natives and took the ownership of the land. You may think immigrants like myself want to take the land away from you along with your freedom through politics and laws. I don’t wish hardship on anyone. What I do is to look at pros and cons the best I can with prayer and as much guidance I can get from the Beloved so I can live with the faith I’ve been give.

For example after thinking about the position that the current administration in the White House has taken on the issue of people trying to cross the border from Mexico I’ve come to the conclusion that yes we do need to secure our borders and I don’t even have objections to sending the military down there to act as the wall as needed! But I also believe that you and I are privileged and we ought to go out of our comfort zone, travel to parts of the world that need our help so people don’t have to leave their homes at all cost to get to the United State border and try to force their way in. But this may be difficult for some folks and I’ve ideas for what we can do as a nation trying to help the incoming refugees other than just letting them in.

During the past 100 years the world has changed fast and far but the way we govern our municipalities, state and country has not caught up with these rapid changes. My goal is not to create jobs, save the planet from environmental crises and such. My goal is to get our communities back and to feel more connected as poor, middle class and rich citizens.

The experience I have had living in Eugene and bicycling around Oregon has proven that Oregonians are kind and compassionate people who would be willing to take actions in order to leave a better world for their children. If you think that I, Roz Omid, might just have the potential to shine the light, not matter how little, towards an era of intelligent and compassionate communications as we recreate a way of life that humanity and all life deserve please let me know.