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Sitting Being

 Sitting Being is an interfaith reminder of our ability to contemplate and meditate It is neither gender or age specific Contemplation is the process of entering and dwelling in a space which has the potential to be sacred con-templ-ate What… Continue Reading →

Namaste Omid

What Omid said is a faded memory but I understood from his tone of voice and facial gesture that I was doing something bad and I stopped. We were in third grade in Tehran, Iran and I squished a couple… Continue Reading →

Oprah for VP or President?

The best strategy for Oprah to become the U.S. President and more importantly for her agenda to win might just be that she’d encourage Senator Kamala Harris, or someone like her, to run for president and for Oprah to be… Continue Reading →


The first article I wrote about autism was in late 2013 with the title: Autism is Soul’s Diffidence of Hierarchy. Even though I still see some validity in that thesis I no long fully subscribe to it. Yet autism spectrum… Continue Reading →

On Iran Protests

From the recent protests and unrest across Iranian cities, to hippocratic tweets of his bulliness, the President of the United States, to remarks of Senator McCain and President Rouhani, and to injustice, or on the other hand happiness and prosperity… Continue Reading →

Greed: Was it Created by Humans or Was it Already Here as Consciousness?

This post and two previous essays are being edited/revised on and in this site under Ecology in the menu bar To begin reading click on Sacred Question What if the very ingredients that helped create the systems of command and… Continue Reading →

United Communities of America

Everyone knows which State they were born at and which State they live in but ask people which community they belong to and most people will have a hard time coming up with an answer. They might say that a… Continue Reading →

uOu او

Looking for one word to replace he or she? Here it is, uou.  You welcome. It’s not a new word. It’s been around for centuries and it’s been even used to refer not only to a person in either gender… Continue Reading →

“Make America Native Again” – My Take

When I hear Make America Native Again I think about governing systems here in North America before the arrival of the Europeans. I’m not a Native American studies expert but as far I know here on the west coast of… Continue Reading →

The Reason Bernie Sanders Didn’t Get the Black Vote in 2016

June 12, 2016 Roz Omid   Maybe Bernie Sanders thinks that the poor or middle class black folks in the south who didn’t vote for him in the primary weren’t educated enough about what he stood for. On the contrary… Continue Reading →

What’s so Hard about Being a U.S. Senator?

June 30, 2016 Roz Omid What’s so hard about being a U.S. Senator? A bill comes to the senate floor, professionals staffers help the senator figure out if the bill is good, and finally they vote. That is, if he… Continue Reading →

​​​Happy Anniversary Occupy Wall Street

by Roz Omid 21 September 2012 First time I saw your face I was on my way out of a subway station in Tehran last fall. It was a large photo of you with your hands forced behind you in… Continue Reading →

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