Fifteen years ago, in 2003, I wrote an article which was posted on an Iranian site here in the United States. That was the year I begun to explore getting published on the Internet and that site would put up my posts. “Hey what a deal”, I thought at first. Now I’d take that post down if it was on my own site. For two reason: One is that I simply try not to use that kind of language which in a way is arrogant, aloft and far out there. Apparently the owner of that site couldn’t figured out if my article would fit into the spiritual, political, social or even semi-comedy category!

The other reason for not wanting that post up, rather retrieving what I had suggested in that article, came recently after the protests all across Iran, January 2018. These protest boiled up spontaneously and boiled over rapidly all across Iran. Most experts on Iranian politics and social behavior were more than surprised to see these protests unfold even in small towns where people had little anonymity. The pundits were stumped at first. I was stumped.

Up until January 2018 all I wanted to change in Iran was the name of the country. As religious minority whose ancestors go back to centuries of living in Iran I thought it’ll be nice for the country to have the name, Spiritual Republic of Iran. I didn’t ask for anything else to change in the constitution and since 98% of people are born into Muslim families and by law they have to claim to be Muslim then all spiritual aspects of governing society will be based on their interpretation of Qur’an and Islam anyway. Plus, this kind of name change will show the world the open mindedness of Iranians yet still keeping that spiritual, rather religious element in governing society.

But after the recent protests I retrieve my unsolicited suggestion because I don’t live in Iran and haven’t been living there for years. It’s up to the people living in Iran to decide what they want to change in their constitution if anything.

خوب پونزده سال پیش نحو نوشتن و فکر کردنم هم مثل امروز نبود ولی اون مقاله هنوز روی یه سایت ایرونی در آمریکا هست. مقاله ای که بعد از نوروز ۱۳۸۲ نوشتم و به عنوان یک اقلیت مذهبی که اجدادش قرنها در ایران زندگی کردند فقط یه چیز خواستم و پیشنهاد دادم: اسم مملکت رو بگذارید جمهوری روحانی ایران. اون سال روحم هم خبر نداشت آقای حسن روحانی کی هست چه برسه به اینکه فکر کنم روزی بشه رئیس جمهور ایران. منظورم چیزی ورای مذهب و آقای حسن روحانی بود. منظورم اون روحانیتی که پیغمبران و مولانا هم ازش صحبت کرد 

آن صورت روحانی وان مشرق یزدانی                  وان یوسف کنعانی کز وی کف خود خستم

امروز اگر اون مقاله روی سایت خودم بود برش می داشتم. به دو دلیل: اول به خاطر طرز نوشتنم و اینکه پراکندگی روحیم که بیش از امروز بود. دلیل دوم بعد از تظاهرات دی ماه ۹۶ رو شد. برام روشن شد که پیشنهاد برای سوال در همه پرسی و بهساختن قانون اساسی ایران از مردم ایران باید سر رشته بگیره – اگر صلاح بدونند. نه نپرسیده از آدمی مثل من که چندین سال ایران زندگی نکرده. درود باد و پیروز باشید