Every America between the age of 16 and 26 will be able to travel anywhere in the world for two years fully paid by the government and more specifically through the U.S. Military budget. The Peaceful Warrior Project to defend the human interest which is part of the American Interest.

We have had the government shut down for over a month about the “Wall”, the concrete one verses the “Smart Wall”. We see the images and stories of people fleeing their homes in Central America to find their way into our America. We see the images of unhoused in America and I see them everyday here in Eugene, Oregon and the loneliness epidemic. So I’d say sure lets not just leave the U.S./Mexico boarder open for people to walk in nor let tunnels run undetected under the boarders for smuggling drugs and people. But as the richest nation in the world with huge natural resources, a pretty darn good constitution and far out people who fought hard to uphold the constitution, we can’t just send people who come to our boarder back with tear gas and separate their families. Hell no! We’re better than that.

We can do better. With the energy, curiousity and enthusiasim of our youth we can find better ways to reasure the security and prosperity of the homeland and the good will of our nation. It’s a simple idea but I know also that it’s a huge undertaking and we need to unite to make it happen.

We have a Peace Corps, a strong military and lot of brave and compassionate people in out country. Let’s go back with the people who come to our boarders to where they came from. Let them show us where they lived and why they left. If it was a shanty town they lived in let’s use proper technology to build good homes for them. If there were gangs ruling over them then let’s see how we can protect them without meddling with the local government and politics. Another words to simply protect that individual family. If it’s jobs they don’t have and no way to create income then let’s brain storm with them and see what kind of services their local community needs and give them start up loans with business training to start their own businesses.

I think some of the young people are ready and can’t wait to travel even before they turn 16. I was one of them and I did my share of solo travel on buse, train and airplain before I turned 16. On the other hand there might be other young people who would rather be near family and friend and rather contiue their education and land themselves in a carrier and maybe take a break in their mid 20’s or even in early 30’s and travel only for a few months. That’s okay too. It’s not mandatory for anyone to travel for two years.

There are details to be worked out. For example as permission of parents for someone under 18 or a court hearing for the kid who has the urge to go out and see the world. Another question that has come to mind at this stage is this; How long can someone stay in one nice spot in Europe? Should we pay a young American to stay only in Paris, London or Copenhagen for two years? I don’t think so. But I think it’ll be great if every American had a chance to bicycle around Copenhagen or Amsterdam for a few days and got familiar with their amazing bicycle culture. At the same time if every American had a chance to go to either Africa, South America, Far East, Middle East without armored gear but a simple backpack, curiosity and a smile, even half a smile, we will have a better chance of living in a more peaceful world.

Our military can defend our borders and the American Interest with one less nuclear submarine, longer than two football fields with 200 missiles and nuclear bombs. Just the cost to maintain one of them will pay for a lot of young Americans to go on Peaceful Warrior missions. And the cost of another one of those submarines can house a lot of people. It is unAmerican to manage the country’s budget that makes the social fabric of the country in a way that results in homelessness of so many in a rich country such as ours. It is unAmerican to keep feeding the rich from the unchecked milatary spending to build stuff by privately owned companies for the milatary. America’s working class have subsidised the rich long eoungh. Enough is enough.

Let’s start the Peacful Warrior Project and spend our money in a better way. It’ll educate our youth, build better relation with other nations and help solve global problems better than the way we have been going about it.