Welcome to my little corner on the WWW where I write a little about this and that but mainly about Spiritual Sensibility within Social Ecology

We may not be able to solve the ecological problems but we can participate in small group dialogues on not only what we can do about it in a practical sense but also from a philosophical, social and spiritual perspective. My work is about becoming more aware of the impact of ecological crisis on us as well as our impact on it via our carbon and social footprint.

The service I provide is for businesses, nonprofits and other organizations that want to create a little time and space for their people, work force, to engage in dialogue relating to climate change. I facilitate meetings which we’ll talk about the impact as well as solutions that are physical and ecologically oriented, socially oriented and personal and even the ones that might have a touch of spiritual dimension. For educational institutions and classrooms I offer similar format.

With a Master’s degree in Social Ecology I began my work with exploring how growing food locally and in a small scale can bring communities together. For years I have been writing on the social behavior which has created the ecology we now have. More recently I’ve been exploring the relation between our social behavior and our spiritual understanding.

Talking about spirituality can be as simple as acknowledging that we are made of body and mind as well as soul or spirit. It’s different that talking about a church or a religious. 

As a facilitator my goal is first to create a contemplative space to view the impact of global warming, setting aside ideologies.

If needed we’ll touch on basic science.

Then the focus will move towards having a creative space to let ideas within the organization to come up in regards to what kind of social and ecological impact that organization would like to have on global warming and climate change and how they could prepare for it’s impact. I don’t look to consult businesses and organizations unless I’m specifically asked as I become familiar with them. My work is about becoming more aware of that impact and if there’s anything we ought to change in the way we work and live.

Climate change is real to most people and some are very concerned about it. I meet employees who are glad that someone can come into their workplace to create time and space for them to express their thoughts and feelings on the subject. People want solutions regardless of ideologies. 

To scheduled a meeting please email me.

In joy and love,

Roz Omid