The best strategy for Oprah to become the U.S. President and more importantly for her agenda to win might just be that she’d encourage Senator Kamala Harris, or someone like her, to run for president and for Oprah to be her running mate. Just to be clear, I won’t be voting for either and instead I’ll write in; No One is qualified to be given so much power and hope one day 50 million Americans vote that way.

That said, if the Bully gets the 2020 Republican nomination he’ll fight dirty again with the constant bragging that he now has “experience” in politics. A politician like Kamala can fight him in that dirty turf better. No offense to Kamala but she has the experience of wrestling in that stuff and as earthly as Oprah has tried to be she has a diva persona. The bully would love to crush a diva and might just know how. Oprah is an amazing woman and this guy is an amazing bully.

If Kamala runs but doesn’t win the primary why wouldn’t the winner want Oprah as uos (his or her) running mate. If Kamala wins and faces him in the 2020 election he’d be cut off guard even if he had seen it coming. Because he won’t be able to quite rap his mind around an opponent like Kamala. He’ll have to bully someone who’s not around his power and financial status. Much like if it was Bernie vs Bully rather than Hillary vs Bully. Hillary had similar or close enough money and power status as the Bully (well Hillary had email and other issues also) and he took too many deep stabs at her. I don’t think he could have done as much damage to Bernie or taken as many deep bullish jabs.

Another reason I thought about Oprah as VP is a couple of days ago I saw part of an interview George Stephanopoulos had with the Bully. He likes Oprah and if he could have her as his running mate it’ll be easy to win!?! So Oprah as a running mate will make the ticket very strong. Yes sure that’s easy enough to believe and if Kamala doesn’t get the nomination and Biden does then we know who’d be the best VP.

The end is in God’s will but Oprah has got time. If she becomes the VP then she can run for president after four to eight years. That’s if she still has the desire to run, and she’ll be running with political experience as the head of the Senate, and hopefully she won’t have to face someone as ridiculous as the Bully.

Kamala has shown her skills and abilities to question old powerful male republican senator who has lied or at the very minimal has given contradictory statements and give a little rattle to the white male dominate  establishment then show her smiling teeth to them when they really got angry and she did it with ease and confidence. And Oprah? Well Oprah has Oprah skills. And her move to Washington will appear to have happened with more ease as VP and as Oprah can have that persona.

At the end a second thought comes to me. I don’t know too much about Oprah’s ways and skills but I know that the Bully can no longer be underestimated and Oprah as presidential candidate may just know the way to stop these train wrecks. At the end Oprah and her God or Goddess or that Beloved, whom no word can describe, know what she ought to do.


February 21, 2018

A few days ago Oprah announced that she’s not running for president. She must have read my blog and it helped her make the final decision :)