Dear Sarah,

Your concern about people living on our currently livable planet has touched me. Recently I saw you and Seinfeld going out for coffee. In the car you said that even though your friends stunk up your car you loved them. That was when you had me a 100%.  We may be able to pull a good community building project together. We’ll need to buy a whole block in Los Angeles for this community and at the same time get people who are interested involved.

I heard Bernie was happy about how you gave to his campaign in 2016. A good president is better than an bad one but we need to come together and redesign the fabric or our society with more creatively designed and better functioning infrastructures, in private sector and all around.

Check out this video on Hakka House (or this one)as more than a design but the idea of community living.  Of course a street block in Los Angles will be very different is style that these buildings in China. They were designed for a different time and social challenges. The first floor our building could have a coffeehouse, dinner and/or a market on one corner and on other corners a bigger market, clinic, bike shop, school or whatever the community or the neighborhood needs the most. The four corners on the street level are four points of contact between the building/community members and the neighborhood and larger society. And from second floor up people’s homes. In the middle and on the roof tops we could grown food. Let me know what you think.

be good.