Dear Sarah,

I’ve liked you forever and not just because you’re pretty. The truth is that I’m not crazy about some of the angles you take on the issues but I’ve watched your stuff anyway. Yes very Charming, I agree. But seriously your concern about the living earth and people living on it has touched me. And you can be very funny too, in your own way. Super charming. What happened recently was that I saw you going out to have coffee with Seinfeld. In the car you said, “I love them”. You were referring to your “friends who stunk up” your car. That was when you had me a 100%.

Like your friends I also stink in an adorable way. I know you’ll like me.

Can you find a buy a whole block in Los Angeles? Check out this Hakka House on YouTube or where ever. It’s a design that comes to my mind for a housing unite/community which will take one square city block. The first floor could have a coffeehouse/chow-hall/market on one corner and on other corners a bigger market, clinic, bike shop, school or something else. The four corners on the street level are four points of contact between the building/community members and the neighborhood and larger society. And from second floor up people’s homes.

My hope is that it’ll be a place where people from all walks of life and income levels can afford or want to live even if they can afford to live on a fancy house alone. You know the problem of unhoused folks, some of whom have jobs. There’s also a population of middle class and rich people living in nice homes, alone, some with severe loneliness issues. The latter is not only a social problem it is now an epidemic. Bernie couldn’t have fixed it if he had become the president. Just as the OB2Much couldn’t do all the things he wants to do such as ban Muslims.

We need to come together and redesign the fabric or our society through communication and changing the physical layout of our landscape. Let me know what you think but be nice please.

be good.


Added note on May 10, 2018: Didn’t hear from you Sarah and made other plans, a bicycle journey.

February 07, 2019 so I’m back and just tweeted:  , My letter to you is now much more polished and to the point. Buy that city block in any location you like. – I forgot to write in the tweet, AND READ MY LETTER.