When I hear Make America Native Again I think about governing systems here in North America before the arrival of the Europeans. I’m not a Native American studies expert but as far I know here on the west coast of the US many indigenous tribes lived near each other and for example if there was a 20 mile distance between a couple of tribes they spoke different languages and for the most part they lived peacefully and traded with each other. These tribes also had governing systems that provided work, food, shelter, and cultural events for it’s people.

I bet if the statistics of unemployment, homelessness, mental illness, disease, and violence before the arrival of the Europeans was at hand, the percentage of any of these five categories would be much less than what we are face today on the same rich land. Other words, there was much less social and environmental problems than there is now, even with the “advance” governing system we have had for over 200 years.

I heard someone say this has a racist tone to it. I’m an Iranian American and as a person of color and an immigrant to this land when I hear Make America Native Again I don’t feel treat because I don’t have any Native American blood in me. Although some fifth or sixth generation US Citizens may have some Native American blood but have the opposite view from mind and would rather use the more popular slogan; Make America Great Again. Just look at the people of all races that make up the United States now. Do you think if a North American Native Council had all the power in D.C. and in every State they would deport all non natives out? The core of Native American philosophy is geared much more towards inclusion than war mongering.  At the same time with the way North America has changed it’s almost impossible for one race to have all the power as much as white supremacy wants to hold on to power.

Making America Native Again is not about “Great”ness. It’s about wholeness. It’s about having autonomy of decision making at the local level and municipal government and getting along with neighboring municipalities. It’s about recognizing that we don’t all have to speak the same language to trade with each other and respect our diversity. It’s about knowing that we don’t have to rape the earth and pollute the rivers and the skies to make a living. It’s about a social and spiritual evolution needed to continue living on this planet.