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What if the very ingredients that helped create the systems of command and obedience, as in patriotically model or hierarchical models in general, were not only in human consciousness from very early on in our evolution but they existed long before humans walked the earth? The core thesis of the philosophy of Social Ecology and Bookchin’s theory is: Hierarchy emerged in human consciousness. I agreed with it for decades and I certainly see value in ecologizing the dialectic, however, is that theory complete? This questioning came when I was writing the last short essay, The Wordless is Everything.

One of the ingredients that helped create the emergence of hierarchy was greed in human consciousness. Did humans come up with the consciousness of greed or was it already there before we walked the earth? What if consciousness, in general, was already there even before the creation of the universe and creation wasn’t just matter of physics alone? What if the first morsel of matter was created out of the void not simply by itself but with consciousness behind it?

Scientists have made instrument to measure their interpretation of consciousness. What about measuring consciousness of the soul or measuring consciousness in the void? Since science can’t measure consciousness in the void, billions of years ago before creation of the first atom, does it mean that consciousness did not exist in the void? What if the consciousness of greed came to existence around the time of creation of the physical universe long long before man walked the earth?