You don’t think I can write a bill like Green New Deal by U. S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and that’s why you all don’t come and support me in running for U. S. Senator? (I have less chance to become a U.S. Rep in the district I’m in.) I may very well be able to put a bill together. Don’t you know as a Senator from Oregon you’d have 40+ aids working for you who can spell better than me and some of them most likely have law degrees? How easy is that? If that mean that I’ll simply jot some ideas down, for example, “All American from the age of 16 to 26 can travel anywhere in the world for two years and the U. S. Military will pick up the tap” and give it to my staff? Ask three aids to write the best looking bill they can and if they have any questions about the details feel free to come into my office and let’s set a meeting for next week to see how far you have come.

Let’s assume I won’t write a bill, not even one! By putting a guy like me in Congress as a Senator you’d send a message that is signalling to the rest of the country that things are not the same anymore and we need to change fast. That we need to listen to people like Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar and not the old “Independents” who are cautious and the liberals that are all heart and not much brain, afraid of any idea that is not the middle of the road, not too far right and definitely not any thing that might resemble left. Sending someone like me to Washington is saying, “Things are bad and the same old solutions ain’t gonna fix the problems.”

Then again putting aside all this kidding and seriousness, which you probably can’t figure out which is which, I know it sounds foolish to some of you to have a post with a title, Senator Omid, which I put out not long ago. The campaign hasn’t taken off the ground at all. ” So why don’t I just take that “Senator Omid’ post down instead of writing another one. Because our planet is in a critical condition and same old solutions aren’t working. I’m not worried or feel bad if our planet is uninhabitable in several years because I too believe in a creator whose will is infinite and gracious. And as for my will? You can see it in this blog how finite it is. But that doesn’t mean that I give up voicing my concerns to keep our planet healthy and talking about my solution which is bringing back a sense of community into the dialog.

دگر فریادها در سینه تنگم نمی گنجد – یادم نیست شعر از کیه اما از سال اخری که در دبیرستان در ایران این شعر را شنیدم یادم مونده

P.S. Why didn’t I consider a smaller political office to run for? For several reasons:

  1. I believe to have as much of a chance getting elected as a State Representative or City Council member as I did as U.S. Senator. In fact running for an office which the whole state would vote for was/is a better chance for me. Because of Portland. I figured it would be people in Portland who would help me get the vote I needed, if people in Eugene would be interested in getting behind me in the first place.
  2. Other words running for State Rep or City Council I would have needed to be around Oregon for a lot longer than I have and know people and the local issues. But for the U.S. Senate the issues are mainly national and more ideological.
  3. Governorship is also a statewide vote for one person. But being a Governor seems like a real job that you’d need to know what you’re going. For example dealing with fires, drought, budget, this, that… But being a U.S. Senator you’re part of a 100 vote to pass a bill and the national budget and it’s all has to do with ideologies and politics, a lot more than being a Governor.