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About: Roz has a Master of Arts degree in Social Ecology and has been writing and in one way or another working within the the context of the philosophy of Social Ecology for over 30 years. In his humble opinion he has contributed to this branch of philosophy with the spiritual sensibility that this field of study deserves to have.

From an early age he has been questioning the wisdom of social behaviors which has contributed to the man made problems such as famine and war.  In 1981, before global warming became a topic of discussion, he gravitated towards schools of thoughts which would question the way we use our natural resources and even the way we design our infrastructure.

As he has gone about wearing out pants in this life, he has realized that people will choose what they want even if it’ll cause the upcoming generation to face palatable existential threat due to ecological crises. He feels for this predicament that the young generation find themselves in. At the same time he has come to understand that there’s mystery which is beyond human intellectual capacity to understand. The predicament that humanity has found itself in, as much as the scientist would like us to think it’s about physics and sociology and as much as I also believe in that, there’s a mystery beyond how a flower blooms, how we feel in love and who or what created the black hole and what’s on the other side of it.

The good news is that what we can’t understand intellectually can be understood on the soul level. Going into a contemplative space with a competent Master is our best chance to get in touch with soul knowledge. In the least going into a contemplative space and being receptive to truth rather than falsehood.

Roz is be happy to meet with businesses and other organizations which recognize global warming as an existential threat to the generation born today. He sees his job not as a consultant but a facilitator. He’ll facilitate meetings that focus on the kind of impact that business would like to have on global warming, weather it’s physical and ecological oriented, socially oriented or personal and spiritual.

His goal is first to create a contemplative space for individuals to come to terms with the global path we are on, setting aside ideologies. Then the focus will move towards having a creative space to let ideas within the company to come up in regards to what kind of social and ecological impact that business would like to have on global Warming. He doesn’t look to see what a business should be doing. His focus is on becoming more aware of the impact we have and if there’s anything we ought to change in the way we work and live.