Egocentric optimism has precedence over intelligent solutions and climate change is not a hoax. We (meaning human  beings) have become severely dysfunctional and we’re continuing on the path to self destruction. Recovery is possible if we need to pursuit clarity without pessimism or optimism.

This can’t be done by tightly holding on to one ideology or another, rather through developing a philosophy of life. A way of life that sees love more important than ideology. A way of life that personal ego takes the back seat to the good of the community. A community which is not large, global and/or cyber but small, physical and local.

Why have we let governments and corporation get larger and larger therefore the 1% get richer? When did this trend begin? Answer that comes to my mind at first is; When pseudo shamans emerged in human history and got rid of or killed the actual shaman and became the patriarch of his tribe (let’s not rule out that it was a tribe that the practicing shaman was a woman and the pseudo shaman was also a woman. When the man pseudo shaman became a warrior as well and took over the neighboring tribes. hierarchy began to take hold globally. Gradually great civilizations began to flourish then they fell one by one. It’s that simple.

The ecosystems that sanity can flourish in are small. They are physical and local communities that use consensus decision making process rather than the system of hierarchy and majority wins. It’s that simple.