What if we had a business model that gave members of its immediate community meaningful tasks to occupy their days with, at the same time provided food, shelter and space for entertainment and at the same time the business thrived? What if we had a business model that had less emphasis on an individual business owner gaining the profit or bearing the loss and more emphasis on how the community profits or deals with loss? Why have I been thinking about a different business and economic model?

Because we’re living in an era that children in huge numbers in Europe are taking a day off from school every week to tell adults to call Global Warming or Climate Change what it actually is, Ecological Crises/Emergency. And here in the United States after the latest school shooting, children are asking adults to stop dividing the country based on political ideologies and address the mental health crises. In my blogs I used to call the ecological and social challenges as crises then more careful or palatable words. Now the young generation is giving me a boost to say it I see it and write more focused and step by step process on how we might be able to stop heading towards global catastrophe.

Our ecological crises are here due to our social behaviors. One of those social behaviors has been following the predominant business models: Capitalism centered on individualism and we know that communist systems especially centered on authoritarianism didn’t work either and of course we know about monarchy and kings who taxed their subjects. These systems over centuries have contributed to what we’re not faced with, loneliness epidemic, homelessness and other social crises. These business models and governing systems have also been responsible for our ecological crisis such as the wildfires in the summer and super cold vortexes in the winter, mudslides due to glaciers melting, sea levels rising, etc.

My goal is to bring business owners to the table, especially those who aren’t happy with shouldering the weight of the role they have and discuss how to create a business model that works better than what we now have. We need to transition into a new business model that not only is socially and ecologically sounder than what we now have it’ll create changes for the better rapidly.

The good news is that there may still be time to turn things around before the global temperature rise another degree or two. If we don’t make any substantial move towards solving these social and ecological crises then babies born today will be living with an existential threat in less than 25 years. This is no longer about people who are born and raised in parts of the world which is prone to war or famine, everyone will face the existential threat or premature death.

The other good news is that if we cannot act in time to reduce our global carbon footprint, we might have time to prepare our souls for the end of world or at least try to. I’m not trying to be sarcastic, funny or scary. You see, winning the jackpot or getting stuff that makes most people happy is not as important to me as the soul stuff. Material happiness is a delusion which has in part caused the social and ecological crises. Greed is one of the root causes.

My focus in building a better business model is holistic and although considering the spiritual aspect of life is important I know the soul stuff is uniquely personal yet they’re transpersonal as well. At best this is a paradoxical statement and that’s why my emphasis, as holistic as I’d like to be, is not focused on spiritual levels but on the here and now and on our social and ecological needs for a better business model.

If your business acknowledges that the social and ecological challenges are actual crises and you want to find solutions beyond putting a recycling bin, bicycling to work, giving donation to local food bank or homeless shelter then I’m available to brainstorm with you and look into to long term innovative solutions and a more comprehensive business model.