One hundred years after Einstein’s theory, scientists earlier this week showed us a picture of a black hole. Sounds like they worked very hard to take that picture and everyone seems to believe what they’re showing us is an actual picture of a Black Hole. Other pictures that they have shown us which were made up, before they had the “actual” picture, are just as believable if not more. I’ll tend to think they’re telling the truth more than they are lying. After all scientist aren’t like some people in Washington D.C. or some other places around the world who make false statements right and left and get away with it. They’re honest hard working professionals who do what they do mainly for the love of it. Unless you put a lot of money in front of them to come up with data that confirms Global Warming in is a “hoax” and I’ll get to that but first let me tell you something interesting I heard.

A science expert commentator happy about the picture of the black hole was explaining that objects, even light, falls into it without the ability to escape the fall, then in the next sentence he continued his explanation but replaced black hole with “abyss”. I was a bit surprised by hearing the metaphor and the choice of word by a scientist. It immediately made me think of the abyss one can fall into, within oneself. Then the reporter worriedly and justifiedly wondered about she and her planet falling into that black hole or the abyss. He put his scientist hat back on again and explain that even the closest black holes to earth is light years or far far away. He quickly changed hats again and went into telling a juicy lie that was not only believable but also true; Several countries around the world offered their telescopes for the same purpose which shows bla bla and reporter’s hooray for such nice note to end her segment.

Before this week’s famous picture and before Einstein’s theory Shamans had discovered that there’s an abyss or black hole within. By closing their eyes and sitting without moving for while, meditating, on the “void” as Kabir describes void in Anurag Sagar they have fallen into the abyss and have been able to come back. But when they were back they were no longer who they used to be. Other world, dying while alive.

A scientific explanation that I could come up to explain would be, as if they observed their body down to the atomic level and noticed the vast space in each atom of their cells. Imagine that the gravitational force and the laws that govern it simply break down, for something more powerful such as love. Then they’d simply see their body as subatomic particles that had made the whole body. They could see possibilities including, all the subatomic particles of their body being condensed and go through an abyss or black hole and once it came out the other end it’ll come back together as their body as it was before they sat down and closed their eyes to meditate. Other words their soul completely separated from their body and the mind or ego that identified with that body and once the body came through the black hole or back from the abyss, they felt that they were taking up living back in the body all over again.

کافری را که کشد عشق ز کفار مگیر – مولوی

Then there is the other black hole which we have been working collectively around the world on day to day bases to create right here on earth. One of its names is Climate Change and not only it’s not far far away it’s coming up soon. It has also been called arrogance, ignorance, possession of nuclear bombs, wars, etc.