The first article I wrote about autism was in late 2013 with the title: Autism is Soul’s Diffidence of Hierarchy. Even though I still see some validity in that thesis I no long fully subscribe to it. Yet autism spectrum remains a fascinating subject to me.

The first video is from England and a large study done there on autism among general public

There are many videos on YouTube about autism by people with autism. This one is a Ted Talk given by a young woman who is doing her doctorate on issues around autism and it’s a good one.

Here is a Medial Doctor’s story, Kim who in her mid 50s discovered that she had lived with autism all her life.

What An Hour of Emotion Makes Visible…

Her story on Listen To section begins at min 6:25




Of course I can’t leave out honoring Temple Grandin

This talk was given in UC Davis and the first five minutes although quite good it’s about introducing her.

There is a movie about her life and she has other good talks on autism such as Google Talk