The first article I wrote about autism was in late 2013 with the title: Autism is Soul’s Diffidence of Oppression. Even though I still see some validity in that thesis I no long fully subscribe to some of the details of it therefore I took the article out. However understanding autism has become important to me. There are many videos on YouTube about autism by autistic folks, specially on TEDx Talks, and here are a few that are worth watching plus a radio interviews and a documentary.

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This first video explains that Autism is not a disease to be cured

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Next video is 15 year old who is the spokes person for “Climate Crises”. The good side of her story is that she was diagnosed early on.

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Self Diagnosis – Radio Interview

Kim is a Medial Doctor who in her mid 50s discovered and diagnosed herself with autism. She had lived and struggled with social exchanges all her life and didn’t know what caused it until she figured out she is autistic.

What An Hour of Emotion Makes Visible…

You can find her story on Listen To section and it begins at min 6:25

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Next talk is by a 23 year of PhD candidate who’s autistic and in her research she uses minority stress model (difference in life model) for autistic folks

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Love and respect can go a long way

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A documentary on a study done in England on autism among general public

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Next video is by an autistic medical doctor and her experience in dating

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Amy Schumer on How Her Husband’s Autism Diagnosis

Has Affected Their Marriage


“If we need a cure for anything it’s not for autism. It’s for ignorance and intolerance.”

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Of course I can’t leave out honoring Temple Grandin, the Grandma of modern understanding of autism. It was very tempting to put her video on top. Most people know her and the movie which was made about her life, simply titled Temple Grandin.

This talk was given in UC Davis and the first five minutes although quite good it’s about introducing her.

She has given other talks on autism such as Google Talk