When was the last time you heard that idea? Why didn’t UN tell Germany to partition some their land for Jews and create a Jewish State in Europe and help arm it? In search of solutions to Jewish and Muslim conflict in Middle East let’s take a quick look at where it all began. In 1940’s genocide of Jews by White Supremacists along with a general and widely accepted notion of the time that the white race was a superior race the path was made to created the current State of Israel in then Palestine after the British “Mandate”. Yes the British ruled over Palestine at that time. And at the end of the WWII the allies, including the British, also ruled over Germany.

To put it in a simple and factual terms, Nazi Germany took away Jews from their homes, land and business, killed most of them in order to eradicate Jews from Germany and Europe. Then after the war instead of UN telling Germans to partition some on their land for the Jews and create a Jewish State in Europe with its own powerful military to protect themselves, the mainly white powered UN, with the help of the British, forced Muslims in Palestine to make more room for Jews who were too shocked to go back to Germany where they had lived for over 1200 years.

The solution is first and foremost kindness and that’s written in their holy books. Another solution is that Germans, and even other European countries such as Switzerland who decided to stay neutral or other Europeans who showed a little interest in the idea of not having Jews in Europe, to make room for a Jewish State in Europe.

If a Jewish State is created in Europe they should have the same military power as the Jewish State in Middle East. If there’s 100 or 200 nuclear bombs in the current States of Israel then 50 or 100 of those bombs should be moved to the Jewish State in Europe or 100 to 200 bombs be given to the State of Israel in Europe. The same with other arsenals and military personnel. If nuclear bomb is not allowed in Europe then they should get rid of the nuclear bombs in the Jewish State in Middle East as well.

Then again what do I know!? What if this “solution” brings more difficulties and problems? But I felt that it’ll be good to bring it up since I haven’t heard this idea before? If this idea has been brought up then why haven’t I heard of it at least once a year?