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Sitting Being

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At the moment I’m on a bicycle tour and I might just start posting about it and how I see the state of our bicycle paths in the United States compared to my experience riding in Europe and how good it was planned and built there. We need to do a lot of work to catch up and to get to where we deserve to be at as far as bicycle access to so many parts of our country and to maintain bike paths we already have and make them safer and cleaner to ride on. And driving education is needed for those who drive by bicyclists too fast and unsafely or laws need to be passed to respect bicyclists.


Under Ecology of Sanity you’ll find my angle on why our relation to our habitat and to each other has turned out the way it has and the mind set to find solutions to our social, political, and environmental problems. Under Posts in the menu-bar you’ll find social-political commentaries, short stories, etc.

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