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Open Letter to Gretha Thunberg

Dear Gretha, How many people felt the pain you felt during your speech at European Parliament while you were saying, “up to 200 species becoming extinct every single day, erosion of fertile topsoil…”? When your voice broke in that moment,… Continue Reading →

Black Hole’s Picture Confirms Our Eventual Fall into the Abyss

One hundred years after Einstein’s theory, scientists earlier this week showed us a picture of a black hole. Sounds like they worked very hard to take that picture and everyone seems to believe what they’re showing us is an actual… Continue Reading →

A Jewish State in Europe

In search of solutions to Jewish and Muslim conflict in Middle East let’s take a quick look at where it all began. Germany’s genocide of Jews along with a widely accepted notion of the time that the white race was… Continue Reading →


In the past blogs I’ve written about big changes on federal level on issues such as public education, smarter use of the military budget, etc. In this blog I’d like to go back to the focus I had in early… Continue Reading →

Mystical but not Impossible

Yesterday was the first time I heard or read about Greta Thunberg. Today I read that she was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. Excellent choice and I hope they give the prize to her even though I realize the title… Continue Reading →

Guard the Ballot Boxes

Still a Revolutionary Guard? سپاه پاسداران انقلاب؟ Iran’s revolution just had a 40 year anniversary! Isn’t it time for a more appropriate name for Sepah? The quickest explanation of Sepah or the revolutionary guard is, the Marines over here in… Continue Reading →

Fine, Just Call Me roz

You don’t think I can write a bill like Green New Deal by U. S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and that’s why you all don’t come and support me in running for U. S. Senator? (I have less chance to become… Continue Reading →

We Don’t Need No Public Schools

Here’s something for folks who want less government influence in their lives and for the rich who don’t want their taxes to go to the poor; Let’s Get rid of rid of K-8 public education. Now my dear middle class… Continue Reading →

Senator Omid

It’s been about four years since I’ve started to like the sound of Senator Omid but what has interests me the most is to what Senator Omid can say and do as a U.S. Senator. You see before a neighbor… Continue Reading →

Peaceful Warrior Project: Financed by U.S. Military

Every America between the age of 16 and 26 will be able to travel anywhere in the world for two years fully paid by the government and more specifically through the U.S. Military budget. The Peaceful Warrior Project to defend… Continue Reading →

Sitting Being

Neither gender or age specific Sitting Being is an interfaith reminder of our ability to contemplate and meditate Contemplation is the process of entering and dwelling in a space which has the potential to be sacred con-templ-ate What does temple or… Continue Reading →

Open Letter to Sarah Silverman

Dear Sarah, Your concern about people living on our currently livable planet has touched me. Recently I saw you and Seinfeld going out for coffee. In the car you said that even though your friends stunk up your car you… Continue Reading →

Namaste Omid

What Omid said is a faded memory but I understood from his tone of voice and facial gesture that I was doing something bad and I stopped. We were in third grade in Tehran, Iran and I squished a couple… Continue Reading →

Oprah for VP or President?

The best strategy for Oprah to become the U.S. President and more importantly for her agenda to win might just be that she’d encourage Senator Kamala Harris, or someone like her, to run for president and for Oprah to be… Continue Reading →


The first article I wrote about autism was in late 2013 with the title: Autism is Soul’s Diffidence of Hierarchy. Even though I still see some validity in that thesis I no long fully subscribe to it. However understanding autism… Continue Reading →

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