Hello and welcome to my website,

You’ll find short stories, social-political commentaries and so on. At the moment I’m working on revising an essay I wrote in 2017 on spiritual social ecology. I sectioning it out to shorter more readable chapter which you can find them by going to the menu bar – look for Ecology.

For a few dollars a year I spend on keeping the domain, etc, people all over world could read my stuff. So why not? There are more than one reason that I’m not making money form it but I suppose the major one is that I don’t like selling advertisements. Maybe one day it’ll shift gears and this site will generate income but for now it is what it is.

I like Medium.com which sell no ads but has a five dollar a month membership and if members like and want to support a writer they can “clap” for the piece and uou will make money. It is a form of social media but people take time to write stories and articles. Here is the link to the list of my posts there: Medium.com/@rozomid.

Obviously I haven’t hired a web designer and I’m not trained as one. Somehow I ended up getting more training in English composition than drawing or fun things like that. So excuse the plainness of the site and pardon mistakes in word stuff for I don’t have an editor either.

Enjoy reading