My name is Roz Omid and I’m a Social Ecologist with spiritual Sensibility. 

For businesses who recognize global warming as an existential threat, especially for the generation born today, I provide a service to facilitate meetings rather than consultation. Facilitating meetings that focus on the kind of impact that business would like to have on global warming, whether it’s physical and ecologically oriented, socially oriented or personal and spiritual.

My goal is first to create a contemplative space for individuals and groups to come to terms with the global path we are on, setting aside ideologies. Then the focus will move towards having a creative space to let ideas within the company to come up in regards to what kind of social and ecological impact that business would like to have on Global Warming. I don’t look to see what a business should be doing. My focus is on becoming more aware of the impact we have and if there’s anything we ought to change in the way we work and live.

To scheduled a meeting please email me